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You supervise your children when they go out to play.

You take time to know their friends in the real world.

Find out more about our confidentiality policy here....(Copy of our policy attached separately – should be link to the policy here) You can’t always prepare what you want to say but if there is something specific, tell them at the beginning of your chat.

Don't worry if you can't cover everything that's on your mind in a single chat.

“It’s the right way to tell certain stories in particular,” says Cynthia Leitich Smith, an author and professor in the Writing for Children and Young Adults Program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

There’s an artistic judgment at work, says Smith, as well as an understanding that digital communication can be used as a literary technique for a new generation.

Don’t be afraid to say how you really feel and what help you really need.

The chats are confidential, unless you or someone else's life is in danger, but even the action taken in these circumstances will be for your benefit.

A story retold through IMs or text messages illustrates the daily life of your youngster, which probably includes gossip, crushes, catty friendships, and social online networks.

Susan Blackmore, author of The Meme Machine, says today’s brain -- your child's in particular -- is shaped by memes.

Memes are units or streams of information constantly competing for our attention, moving through a culture by popping up or flashing on websites, TV commercials, or video clips, for instance.

Most kids today have email accounts before they are ten.

These are usually free adult accounts which deliver adult spam and smut each week - with no supervision!

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