Forgiveness and forgiving communication in dating relationships

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An affair hurts everyone, unless you aren’t in love with your spouse.

But how is it possible for some partners to forgive a cheating lover while other partners end up hating their lover-turned-foe.

Jennifer has been fighting her parents, Anne and Charles, for custody of her 6-year-old daughter and claims they are “out to get her”.

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In marriage, the emotional stakes are even higher and there is less space to “hide” in the relationship.

Scholars tend to delineate relational transgressions into three categories or approaches.

The first approach focuses on the aspect of certain behaviors as a violation of relational norms and rules.

Careful attention to your partner's needs and a commitment to the hard work of healing can help you overcome the pain of infidelity.

If you’ve recently suffered the sting of betrayal, you probably feel like your life is spinning out of control right now.

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