Dyke dating

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The Roman chronicler Tacitus mentions that the rebellious Batavi pierced dikes to flood their land and to protect their retreat (AD 70).

Whytcwm Cottage offers informal 'homestay' hospitality. Whytcwm Cottage B&B is run on ecologically conscious lines and endeavours are made to recycle as much as possible and to conserve energy. Knighton in Powys, Wales is a Border town, the only town on the Offa's Dyke long-distance footpath.It is usually earthen and often parallel to the course of a river in its floodplain or along low-lying coastlines.Speakers of American English (notably in the Midwest and Deep South), use the word levee, from the French word levée (from the feminine past participle of the French verb lever, "to raise").It originated in New Orleans a few years after the city's founding in 1718 and was later adopted by English speakers.The name derives from the trait of the levee's ridges being raised higher than both the channel and the surrounding floodplains.

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