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Philip Mendes Latrobe University Presented at the 14 Jewish Studies Conference Melbourne March 2002 This paper explores the question of the other Middle Eastern refugees - the Jews who fled or were expelled from Arab countries between 1948 and the mid 1950s.

Specific attention is drawn to the experience of Iraq.

In 1870, a census was taken in German Gulch (the name of the gold mining camp that would later become Butte), and recorded only “two Chinamen” (verbatim) lived in Butte.

While many Chinese who illegally migrated to Montana could have been hiding, the “two Chinamen” quip reflects government officials’ unease with Chinese migrant labor.

Justyna Mielnikiewicz: I think it is too early to talk about any concrete outcome because I am still finishing the work supported by the grant.

The Smith Fund Grant is no doubt widely perceived as one of the most important recognitions in the field of documentary photography.

The series follows Honor Harrington, military heroine and later, influential politician, during a time of extreme interstellar change and tension.

However, unlike in Mauritius, there was significant anti-Chinese sentiment throughout mine towns.

Fearful of cheap labor costs, miners formed unions that prohibited Chinese from working in the mines, thereby conscripting them to service work outside mines.

The Honorverse refers to the military science fiction book series, its two sub-series, two prequel series, and anthologies created by David Weber and published by Baen Books.

They are centred on the space navy career of the principal protagonist Honor Harrington.

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