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About 18 train services were affected by this morning's faulty alarm at Roma Street railway station, which forced the evacuation at 8.40am of hundreds of people at Brisbane's second busiest train station.Train services were stopped in a 5km ring around Brisbane Central Station during the emergency."Lots of people are going to Antsohihy to see these animals for the first time," she said.In Cornwall, rescuers believe a pod of about 15 dolphins swam up the Percuil River and were beached, and that other dolphins responded to their distress cries.ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar - Some 55 dolphins have died after coming ashore on a beach in the north-west of Madagascar, conservationists said today.And rescue crews were working to save a pod of dolphins that became stranded in a river in south-west England. In Madagascar, the melon-headed whales, a species of dolphin, were first spotted at sea last month, but then became stranded on a beach last week, Herilala Randriamahazo, from the Wildlife Conservation Society, said.

"Alongside that, advances in technology, excellent firefighter training and modernised ways of working are allowing us to work smarter." The plan also includes moves to improve fire cover in the evenings and weekends by increasing the hours day-crewed firefighters respond immediately from their station by an extra 35 hours a week.It also needs to save £10m over the next three years, and plans to raise the amount we pay in council tax by 3p to £1.31 a week for a Band D home.Authority chairman Nick Chard said: "Our challenge is to continue to deliver a first class service as cost effectively as possible.Delays of up to 15 minutes are expected while train services adjust.Trans Link Transit Authority spokesperson Adam Nicholson said the fire alarm sounded at Roma Street station about 8.40am, prompting a full evacuation of the station.

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