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Madame D departs the Grand Budapest on the same day that a young lobby boy called Zero Moustafa (Tony Revolori) first comes to the concierge’s attention.

Gustave must school this pup in the ins and outs of the hotel, not least explaining his own peculiar role in the sex lives of its weathered residents.

In his new comedy, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson has found an elegant solution to gripes about how stifling, how annoyingly perfect, his films can be. Obsessive design which forbids any sense of spontaneity? Feelings put in inverted commas, or swept aside to concentrate on the colour palette? Non-devotees might be bracing themselves, but the scales could just as easily fall from their eyes when they sit down to watch this. It does all of the above, and it’s still wonderful.

You could get light-headed on the pure fun of it, which unleashes fresh waves of fun-within-fun at every point where you worry it might dry up.

Although you may think that vinegar would exacerbate symptoms, the cider vinegar component of Honeygar is a source of malic acid, which is found naturally in apples, pears, tomatoes, bananas and cherries.

It is known to neutralise uric acid and has an alkaline effect in the bloodstream which, by balancing the p H of the blood, limits the negative effects of acids such as lactic and uric. By her mid-80s Audrey Fiennes was bedridden with arthritis in her back.

He has suffered frostbite, resulting in the loss of fingertips on his left hand, and a heart attack that necessitated a double heart bypass.

But one pain from which the 64-year-old adventurer does not suffer is that caused by arthritis. It is more than 20 years since Fiennes felt the first twinges of arthritis in his hands and one hip, an ailment he attributes to cold, wet sleeping conditions during several expeditions.

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During his acclimatisation, he said: "Forget about thinking you are going to succeed. Imagine it's a mountain with no top." The record-breaking adventurer, who hopes to raise £3 million for cancer charity Marie Curie , had a triple heart bypass in 2003 following a heart attack.

'My sisters and I encouraged her to look into an alternative cure after she showed us the doctor's X-ray, which highlighted the arthritic band in her back,' says Fiennes.

Her miraculous remedy was found in a library book that extolled the virtues of a natural cure for arthritis that included daily doses of cider vinegar, honey and black molasses, and regular Epsom salt baths.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes reached the summit of Everest today on his third attempt at conquering the Himalayan giant.

Arriving at the summit just before 1am BST, the veteran explorer became the first man to cross the north and south poles and climb the world's highest peak.

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