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In my opinion the most conservative countries (in terms of culture and social expectations) are • Korea • Indonesia • Laos • Mainland China If you date Asian women from these places in their countries you can expect a lot of social resistance.You'll have a harder time having your dates accept your more 'liberal' standards for dating.In fact your world will turn upside down once you understand how your dating life will depend on the culture AND the social expectations.

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So which one(s) are the most conservative and which ones aren't?

After living in Asia for 7 years and visiting Asia from Japan to Cambodia: this is what I've found.

- Area: 1,104, Language: Cantonese, English, population (7,008,300) is located on the south coast of China.

This is one of the two special administrative regions (SARS) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and a part of Macau.

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