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This combined the three principle strands in his research; an interest in using live information as a material component of an artwork; a more general look at the growing relationship between physical and digital space; and how the internet is altering our understanding and interpretation of factual information.From 2007 – 2012 Thomson built on the work done under this AHRC grant.The claims made by Pizza Gate are serious and deserve close scrutiny.But is the has reached out to those implicated in the theory for their comments and retorts — standard operating procedure for any competent journalist — it’s important to remember that the CEO of the fabled newspaper is none other than Mark Thompson, the former BBC director who “lied” during the Jimmy Savile investigation, and is at least partly to blame for allowing a monster like Savile to operate within the BBC for so long “undetected”.

The has now run numerous stories in an attempt to debunk Pizza Gate and shame anyone who thinks such a theory could even be possible. List of Members - vi Report of Nineteenth Annual Meeting and General Report, and Report of School of Art Committee, and an Account of the Distribution of the Certificates xii Classified List of Articles presented to the Powys-land Museum and Library since November 1885 - - xxiii Alphabetical List of Donors to the Powys-land Museum and Library from November 1885 to November 1886 - xxviii Report of Museum Committee - xxix List of Literary Societies with which the Powys-land Club exchanges Publications- xxx Obituary of Members of the Powys-land Club - - xxxi Early Montgomeryshire Wills at Hereford Registry. 9 List of Wills under Parishes Churchstoke - 14 Lydham - 29 Chirbury 21 Middleton 29 Bishop's Castle 23 Worthen - 29 Bettws 25 Mainstone 30 Hyssington - 26 Montgomery 31 Llanfair Waterdine - 26 Buttington 32 Forden 27 Miscellaneous Parishes - 33 More - 28 Extracts from Early Montgomeryshire Wills commencing 1542, with Notes ... This has led them to take up further interdisciplinary research opportunities and in 2014 they were invited to work with computational biologists Professor Barton and Dr Scurch in the eminent School of Life Sciences at the University of Dundee, to develop work using the human genome as an artistic material.This was done with the assistance of a Wellcome Trust award for art (£38,000), an artwork called Stutterer, most recently exhibited at The Sanger Institute near Cambridge.

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