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a decade ago, and made for a hot pair with co-star Rajeev Khandelwal.

“The standard has been particularly high this year with thousands of students taking part.Impression management; your image on social media; online dating – everywhere you go in your internet life, you’re projecting an image of yourself.Today at the kitchen table, we’re speaking with researcher, writer and communications consultant Janelle Ward about what is going on when it comes to these online selves we’ve created and what impact this has on how our society functions.After that surprisingly, Aamna had vanished from the small-screen, except for an appearance in one episode of hosted by Rajeev. “I had only heard the script, hadn’t signed it,” she clarifies.“It took an entire year for people to get over my image as Kashish and accept me as Aamna,” says the actress who decided to try her luck in films then. For her comeback, Aamna was particular about doing a romantic show only.

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