Cursoradpter not updating base tables

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SQL Views are essential for the database developer.However, it is common to see them misued, or neglected.The name tells us what set of things it represents in the data model.The most common offender is the “Volkswagen” coder who prefixes or suffixes the _” in violation of ISO-11179 rules. This is as silly as prefixing every noun in a novel with “n_” so the reader will know that the word is a noun in English grammar.This data does not update unless I manually refresh the table, or close and open the spotfire file.I have checked the source information and the data table is linked to the Join Table with automatic update.

I have 6 data tables in total which are broken down as follows: 4 source tables - Source A - Source B - Source C - Source D These tables contain all the basic information i need for my analysis.

Just adding on to @Curt's Answer, if the update you made to underlying tables is adding or deleting Data, then the view is auto updated with the new data.

One of the most exciting new features of Visual Fox Pro 8 is the Cursor Adapter class, which provides a common interface for working with data from many different sources.

Obviously, this table is linked to the 4 source tables.

This table contains all the columns from the 4 source tables as well as some calculated columns 1 "Pivot" Table - Pivot Table This table takes the join table and performs a pivot/aggregation.

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