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On the arm of these dandies rest their significant others. Unlike most couples in a relationship, it’s these spouses that are often being compared side-by-side to what can arguably be described as some of the best-dressed men in the world.

A filmmaker and writer from New York, he has graced the pages of fashion magazines, books and blogs with his elegant and classic style.

The earliest surviving three-dimensional depiction of a chair is a clay model dating back to approximately 4750–4600 BCE; the oldest surviving chair belonged to the Egyptian princess Sitamun (Cairo Museum) and dates to approximately 1400 BCE.

For millennia, humans have utilized seating furniture.

"The Evolution Of Michael Jackson” spans the work of the legend dating back to his days as a child prodigy leading to his pop stardom!

We reflect on our own experiences of how his music has touched our lives.

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