Cop arrests kid dating daughter

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That's where they say the suspect flipped the car.What happened next is what triggered an emotional response from viewers.The Kerr County children were the fourth and fifth children to die ...

Hank has a son named Justin whom he bails out in "Professional Courtesy" after he crashes into a van while under the influence of alcohol.

Henry "Hank" Voight is a fictional character in the television series Chicago P. He appeared in a recurring capacity in Chicago Fire and as a main character in Chicago P.

D., as the Squad Commander of the Chicago Police Department's Intelligence Unit, which operates out of the 21st District.

She has an alter ego named Surely Fünke, a wheelchair bound girl suffering from a disease called BS, which she uses to get money through donations.

She also cons her way into being a movie executive at Tantamount Studios for a couple of years.

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