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Double-click the "Users" folder, then your username folder, and double-click the "My Music folder. Open i Tunes if the i Tunes Media folder is not in its default location, click "Edit" and click "Preferences." Click the "Advanced" button.

The location of your i Tunes Media folder is displayed in the "i Tunes Media folder location" box.

I decided to do some experimenting a couple weeks back with moving and keeping my library on an external hard drive.

There are obvious initial disadvantages to this, but after some tinkering and getting comfortable with i Tunes' baked-in library management genius, this can be a pretty useful setup for those who, like me, are cramped for space but aren't willing to trash those albums you're too embarrassed use in a Party Shuffle playlist.

Again, much like the subcrates folder, this folder shouldn’t exist in the new _Serato_ just yet so you’ll need to make sure you move the folder as well. XML files) for custom mappings of Serato DJ hardware & third party devices, if you’ve mapped these on another computer you will need to copy these across to maintain your mapping files.

I’ve been using i Tunes to manage my music library since it was first released in 2001.

I’ve saved my playlist from every gig I’ve ever had.

But I don’t know how to locate the i Tunes library and media folder, if you know the way or have a method to backup i Tunes library and media files to Does anyone know how to backup i Tunes library and media files to an external hard drive on Mac?

You’ll want to create a new, ‘Master’ _Serato_ folder to which all info from the other libraries will be copied.

Easiest way to do this is to open then close Serato DJ after you’ve renamed the _Serato_ folder on the internal hard drive of the computer you’re working on (This is to rule out the possibility of any corrupt files within the _Serato_ folder causing issues with your new, most likely much larger library) Serato DJ will build some (but not all) of the required folders when launched, some folders are built as they are needed.

This setup also has the inherent, and obvious, advantage of keeping your library on an external hard drive, so it's more or less already backed up - though I, with my paranoid data habits, keep a backup of my library on a second hard drive, and I now also use Scott's i Tunes 7 backup tip (instead of a previous Smart Playlist system) to burn my library to DVDs (the lesson from someone who knows: your data can never be too backed up - ever).

Getting back on topic: read on for a walkthrough (from a very mobile notebook user) of how to move your i Tunes library to an external hard drive.

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