Consolidating email icloud

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Now click on the Advanced tab and check to make sure that the i Tunes Media folder location is set to the default path, which should be Users/Username/Music/i Tunes/i Tunes Media.

I personally find it much easier to stream content from i Cloud and to use i Tunes Match or Apple Music for listening to my music.The other was created when I bought my first Mac in 2008 and signed up for a Mobile Me address.When Apple introduced i Cloud in 2011, all Mobile Me accounts were converted into i Cloud accounts and became Apple IDs, with all the capabilities of an Apple ID used in the i Tunes and App Store.For the PC, I prefer to aggregate all of my personal email accounts through a single account (in my case Hotmail, now using the user experience). Forwarding email is the better approach, always: It’s automatic and happens immediately when mail arrives.On Windows Phone, however, I still need configure each account for which I’d like to send email, however, since the Windows Phone Mail app (like other email apps and applications) has no understanding of the work I’ve done behind the scenes to aggregate my accounts in the cloud. If you try to use (like Hotmail before it) to collect email from other accounts, it will only happen on some arbitrary, non-configurable schedule.

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