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Angelina later covered her unbelievably '90s Billy Bob dragon tattoo with the latitude and longitude coordinates for each of her children's 2004, but as your mom no doubt remembers, Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston at the time.After learning about his infidelities, his now ex-wife reportedly chased him out of the house with a golf club. After that debacle, it seemed like Woods was steering clear of the dating scene.That is, until he went public about his relationship with Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.'s sexy stars Camila Mendes, KJ Apa and Charles Melton had one fun-filled Saturday, hanging out, chowing down on some pizza pie and taking Instagram pics.Mendes, who plays New York City transplant Veronica Lodge on the hit show based on the comics, took to her Insta to post a pic of the goofy trio getting rowdy together.After Brad and Jen finalized their divorce in 2005, Brad adopted Angelina's children.They married in 2014 and Angelina filed for divorce in 2016.

Along with the silly snap, the actress wrote, "Domino's Resort 2017 Collection."Did the 23-year-old just inadvertently invent the pizza bikini?

Ina Garten) will be returning to the Food Network with a new show called Cook Like a Pro. But remember when Garten was allegedly too busy to meet with a Make a Wish Kid…twice?

In 2011 Garten took heat for turning down six-year-old leukemia patient Enzo Pereda who requested a cooking session with her through the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

There are some things even the biggest fans can't let go of.

One day you're wishing Mel Gibson would make a sequel to What Women Want and the next you're grappling with the revelation that one of your favorite actors was caught on tape saying some unsavory things. Let's say that 25 years in the future Mel Gibson ends up curing cancer, the accompanying article would go on and on about his amazing scientific breakthrough—but odds are in the comments section someone would write something along the lines of "great, but remember when he was a belligerent jerk to that cop?

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