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The resolution shall specify the rate of the tax, the number of years the tax will be levied, and the purposes for which the tax is levied.The election may be held on the date of a general, primary, or special election held not sooner than ninety days after the date the board certifies its resolution to the board of elections.I refuse to pay full price for cigarettes produced last year, and offer this info so others do the same to avoid a stale product.

Phone/office hours are 9am-7pm US/Eastern (GMT -) Monday-Friday and 10am-5pm US/Eastern (GMT -) on Saturdays.Local retailers are presently selling marlboro "red" soft packs with julian dates of 282 from last year, produced 7 months ago.After inquiring i found they also have more recent julian dates from a couple of months back.At that time their company would admit selling an old, inferior product, and replace them freely. Now their employees are trained to deny this and claim staleness of cigarettes is "objective", while the whole time avoiding the issue, which is that their product is being sold at full retail price despite the fact that it is far outdated, and so stale (From an objective point of view.) Check the date code on the bottom of your marlboro cigarettes before buying, and if the julian date is in the 2 or 300's, with a "9" following the letter "y" or "z", do not buy unless your wish to pay full retail for stale cigarettes.There are to date, marlboro "red" soft packs being retailed in mid - mo.

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