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‘How do you know if someone is the right person for you?

’, ‘How long should you date before you get married? ’, ‘Surely, if you know deep in your heart that someone is right for you, there’s no harm in going ahead and marrying them…?

Parship Singles Coach Marcus Ernst sees advantages in the fact that online dating limits the senses you can use.

“In the normal course of life, people tend to be heavily reliant on visual cues,“ he says. When email is the medium, even people who tend to take two hours to think of a witty verbal riposte - or who are initially a little reserved - are in with a chance.

In fact, Christ comes before all other relationships.

Too often we place our love, or desire in finding the right person before God.

Not every party animal is a natural for the dating game, while ‘still waters’ can turn out to be what you are looking for in your life.

I’ve heard this question asked lots of times, albeit in different ways.

When we love Christ first, we see love differently, and can love the person we are with, in extraordinary ways.

When I was a kid, my mom taught me two rules of grocery shopping.

Well, I recall my bad luck with grocery carts because many times Ive experienced a similar battle of wills with dating.

Im not talking about conflicts between me and the girls Ive dated. And based on my experiences and my exploration of Gods Word, Ive concluded that for Christians dating is a swerver a set of values and attitudes that wants to go in a direction different from the one God has mapped out for us. Self-control isn't enough I once heard a youth minister speak on the topic of love and sex. rending story about Eric and Jenny, two strong Christians who had actively participated in his youth group years earlier. But as time went by, their physical relationship slowly began to accelerate, and they wound up sleeping together.

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