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But the trouble with linking patriotism and faith too closely is it can lead us to believe that the essence of being a good Christian is being a good citizen.The focus of our discipleship then becomes not spiritual but national, and we begin to view the nation as God's primary way of accomplishing his goals.This feeling was particularly strong in America from the early 1920s and into the Cold War, when the global threat was communism.Evangelist Billy Graham explained during the historic Los Angeles crusade that put him on the map that the only way America could oppose communism was if it first experienced spiritual revival.

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Every summer in Vacation Bible School, we pledged our allegiance to the American flag, then the Christian flag, then the Bible.Christian Voice was the first of the Christian Right groups, pre-dating the Christian Coalition, American Coalition for Traditional Values, Concerned Women for America, Moral Majority, Family Research Council, and other Christian political groups.Christian Voice has employed hundreds of political organizers, including Susan Hirschman, Chief of Staff to former House Majority Leader Tom De Lay, Congressman Tom Hagadorn, who chaired the organization for several years, and Tim La Haye, co-author of the Left Behind series.One Sunday morning in college, I attended church with an Austrian friend who hadn't been to many American churches. Is there a danger for Christians, who are citizens of the kingdom of heaven, in putting too much hope in, or having too much affection for, any earthly kingdom? At minimum, the word denotes love, devotion, and a commitment to protect one's country. However, displaying a flag in a worship service implies that there is something inherently duty to love and support America, it is also a Christian duty. This extreme point of view fails to take into account the historical context of Paul's letter to the Romans and reads into it certain American assumptions.So after the service, I asked him what he thought of the experience. People who hold this view take seriously Paul's teaching on the Christian's relationship to civil government in Romans 13. Romans 13 makes a lot of sense in American society.

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