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But the policy has long since outlived any usefulness; research has shown for years that Chinese fertility rates are lower than they need to be to balance out the population.By keeping the policy in place today, the government is imperiling China’s economic growth.Premier Wen Jiabao set some new policy priorities in the government work report that he gave today.But he neglected to shake things up on at least one major issue: the one-child policy.“We should adhere to the basic state policy on family planning,” said Wen, in his lone allusion to the matter (pdf, p. There had been promising talk of scrapping the policy, but Wen evidently won’t be the bearer of those tidings.The policy, which limits urban ethnic-Han couples to a single child, was first implemented in 1979 in large part to offset the population explosion that started in 1949.For more than a year he was lodged in Bangalore Central Jail, but on March 1, 2013, Meekin walked out on bail.

So spa and salon is not the only place for women, but also for the Men to look more handsome than their peers.For the past twenty years Play has ensured you to transform from inside and outside, making you look and feel best in you. It offers you wallet friendly membership packages for individual and families.Play salon is one of the leading salons with outlets at multiple location for your convenience.The incident involving a student at the Orchid International school came to light on Tuesday after the close of school at 12 noon when the child told her parents that a man had beaten her at school.The child was taken for a medical examination and doctors reported that the child had been assaulted.

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