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Refreshing or reloading individual zones, as shown above, was introduced in BIND 8.2.1 and again in 9.1.0.

With older versions of BIND, just use , as appropriate.

The frequency with which this type of refresh takes place is controlled by the settings in the zone's SOA record.

If a valid notify is received where the notify carries a serial number larger than the one in the SOA currently served by the slave then the slave zone will again schedule a zone refresh, following exactly the same process it would use if the zone refresh was initiated on timer - i.e.

Zone files are optional for slave nameservers, but strongly recommended otherwise the slave will lose all knowledge of the zone content whenever it is restarted.

It will not then be able to start serving the zone again until it has performed a zone transfer, and if the master is unavailable for any reason then the period of downtime could be substantial.

This seems unintuitive to many when they learn this for the first time, but it vastly simplifies the code/algorithm for handling refreshes on notify and also ensures, by using the same sequence of SOA checks each time, that the slaves will always converge their SOA serial numbers to the most up-to-date version.

Additionally, current BIND versions by default do not even use the human-friendly text-based for slave zones in favor of more efficient binary formatting (no actual downside as you're not working directly with the files for slave zones anyway).

I can log into the slave server and run Now comes the weird part.

The slave server will continue to serve up old, stale DNS records, completely ignoring the fact that new data is available on disk after being notified by the master. I would assume that it would always use the most recent data available.

When the zone file is updated on the master, I want the slave server to immediately start serving the changed record(s), but BIND is giving me some guff.

DNS zone transfer is already working correctly between the master and the slave.

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