Benefits of consolidating cutomer service center jona bechtolt and claire l evans dating

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Older technologies may be at capacity, but with virtualization and greater utilization of newer tech, companies can meet their IT needs with less equipment or even no data center at all, when they choose a colo or cloud partner.The main reasons to eliminate data centers and/or choose a service provider are: An example of cost savings comes from the federal consolidation mandate, which reported million in savings through the end of the 2013 fiscal year (two years into the project).This helps in overall improvement of customer requests and processes involved.

Another use of a consolidated service desk is in reduction of the overheads involved in service management systems and processes.This structure supports the organization’s strategic agenda because it allows for the implementation of a flexible resource model that accommodates changing mission requirements, promotes operational reciprocity, and decreases redundancies.Key benefit #5: Achieve economies of scale Within Shared Services, as service volume and number of transactions increase, organizations can reach a minimal cost per transaction.Later in this blog series, Stephen Hutton will discuss maintaining customer satisfaction in more detail.Key benefit #4: Promote cross-functional efficiencies As Shared Services models address and break down functional silos, they create efficiencies across, between, and within organizational groups.

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