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This mild panic did bring about some changes to the UK's Investigatory Powers Bill before it was passed. The "anti-encryption" part of what is now UK law has moved from section 217 to sections 254-256 [PDF] and contains some additional safeguards.But those safeguards, as they often are, are largely a judgement call by a Secretary of State.I improved this design four years later – and renamed it Fortuna – in the book , which I co-authored with Ferguson. Called NIST Special Publication 800-90 (.pdf), the 130-page document contains four different approved techniques, called DRBGs, or "Deterministic Random Bit Generators." All four are based on existing cryptographic primitives.One is based on hash functions, one on HMAC, one on block ciphers and one on elliptic curves.The UK is undoubtedly the main concern, even after it leaves the EU.A ban on backdoors would make it difficult for the country to enforce the Investigatory Powers Act's requirement that companies remove "electronic protection" when possible.A recent paper found a flaw in the Windows 2000 random-number generator.

If they do clear, though, they could set up a conflict between the EU and countries that aren't so fond of encryption. The European Parliament has proposed amended regulation that would not only require end-to-end encryption when available, but forbid backdoors that offer guaranteed access to law enforcement.EU residents need to know that the "confidentiality and safety" of their data is "guaranteed," according to the draft, and backdoors risk "weakening" that privacy.As per the final wording of the law, comms providers on the receiving end of a "technical capacity notice" will be obliged to do various things on demand for government snoops – such as disclosing details of any system upgrades and removing "electronic protection" on encrypted communications.Thus, by "technical capability," the government really means backdoors and deliberate security weaknesses so citizens' encrypted online activities can be intercepted, deciphered and monitored.

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