Are ryan gosling and michelle williams dating

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In an interview with ABC News Nightline set to air Tuesday, when asked if the 30-year-olds were a couple, both Ryan and Michelle acted cheeky.With a two-way lingering look, Ryan began to whistle pretending he didn't hear the question whilst looking over at Michelle who was grinning ear-to-ear.Because there's an oral-sex scene in it, I'm guessing?Gosling: Maybe, but if that was the case, there are still unanswered questions: Why is it okay for a film like, say, treats that moment more realistically? But I don't think it's too much to ask for a little accountability from the MPAA in cases like ours.pumped up from listening to REO Speedwagon seconds before she entered.) Then Gosling smiles warmly and give Williams a large bear hug.You couldn't ask for a better summation of the extraordinary double-act this duo does in on the eve of the film's release. Because it's a pretty brutal look at falling out of love.... I just wanted to have something that would let me go back to that moment immediately.

But a rep for Ryan, 29, insists they are just friends.For months Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams have been insisting that their relationship is an innocent friendship, but in a recent interview the pair acted mischievous whilst attempting to dodge questions about their status.The two Blue Valentine co-stars acted coy when asked upfront whether or not they are in fact dating.After witnessing their odd behaviour, the interviewer says: 'I don't believe that.'Ryan then responded with a joke, 'I always look like I'm lying.It's just – that's my face.'Michelle and Ryan have always been close since starring in American drama, Blue Valentine, and have been promoting the film on-and-off since it's première at the Sundance Film Festival, this coming January.

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