Alexandra chando and blair redford dating 2016

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One that she also happens to help run when she’s not in Vancouver filming.

JJJ rounded up four other amazing celebrities who you might have forgotten gave back to people and children in need.

If you remember, Alexandra, Allie and Blair starred together on ABC Family’s The Lying Game TV series, which only lasted two seasons.

Based on the novels by Sara Shepard, centered on long-lost twins Emma and Sutton, who after being separated at birth, decide to switch places in their teen years.

He is well known for playing Ethan Whitehorse, Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald and Tyler "Ty".

He operated for numerous summers in Georgia's Renaissance Festival performing and doing stunts, generating a pirate personality named "Rusty Compass." He got his beginning with a win in a Warner Bros.

“We literally had a sit down where we talked about the show and I asked about the suit and the tights and the flying, and they said, ‘No, absolutely not,’ part of the reason being is that show is about a teenager trying to figure out who he is.

He was born in the year 1983 on 27th of July and this makes his age 32 at this time.

He was born in a place called Atlanta, which lies in Georgia, of United States of America.

The cast of the upcoming show met up for a panel at the convention on Friday (July 21), where they showed the extended trailer and revealed some new details about the show.

Cast members including Amy Acker, Stephen Moyer, Natalie Alyn Lind, Percy Hynes White, Blair Redford, Jamie Chung, Sean Teale, Cody Bell, and Emma Dumont were all in attendance.

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