Adult with cri du chat

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Years ago, it was common to place children with 5p- Syndrome in institutions with other severely developmentally delayed individuals.

I have a large deletion at 13.1 so I am missing 90% of my 5P arm but I am consider to be mild. The reason why I got tested for Cri Du Chat is because I had a small head and I wasn’t talking a lot.Cri du Chat Syndrome, however, has a special place in my heart, which is why we have a whole page dedicated to it.In 2001, after a fairytale pregnancy and the easy birth of my first child, I was handed some news that would take me on a very unexpected path. It meant that the short arm of chromosome 5 was damaged. Nobody could really tell me what this meant in terms of her development, but never walking or talking was on the menu, as was a heart condition and immune system weaknesses.I don’t like crowds because I get sensory overdrive which means that my brain can’t keep up with my senses and that I get a headache because my brain is trying to get rid of all the excess sensory that I don’t need or even want. Having sensory overdrive is like the worse feeling ever and to combat it so if I am out walking I listen to my music because it takes out some of the sensory all around me and if I am at a restaurant I have my gameboy or my iphone or my kindle and I just play a game or just read.In July of this year I have been living in my own house for 5 years independently away from my parents.

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