Adult chat on messege

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Skype announced that it will acquire Group Me, a group messaging startup. And there are a number of new mobile apps that offer group messaging services.

Your 'last seen' time is a second layer of unwanted attention when you're desperately trying to avoid an awkward conversation. By heading to Settings Related: Secret Facebook features you need to try*Smiles*, *brags*, *accidentally presses delete* simple as that, the number of that pretty girl/ guy is gone.

the fee will be over and above normal SMS/MMS charges.

Mobile premium SMS/MMS services are ‘opt-in’ services: the premium service provider must ensure that you have actively requested them.

If you’re accessing it through a website, you’ll have to enter your mobile number in order to receive the service.

As the name suggests, mobile premium SMS/MMS are usually delivered to your mobile via SMS or MMS.

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